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Fix These 10 Common Grammar Mistakes

Here are 10 common mistakes that I've heard from beginner, intermediate, and sometimes even advanced English speakers. I hope you find this helpful, as you continue to improve your English, step by step, and day by day.

Incorrect: "I need call my mom."

Correct: "I need to call my mom." (need + to + base verb)

Incorrect: "She must to go."

Correct: "She must go." (must + base verb)

Incorrect: "It's depend."

Correct: "It depends." (third person present simple structure...verb + s)

Incorrect: "It depends of the situation."

Correct: "It depends on the situation." (collocation: depends on)

Incorrect: "Where I can find that?"

Correct: "Where can I find that?" (Wh + auxiliary + subject + base verb)

Incorrect: "I listen music."

Correct: "I listen to music." (collocation: listen to)

Incorrect: "Can you explain me?"

Correct: "Can you explain it to me?" (explain + subject of the explanation)

Incorrect: "This is so bored."

Correct: "This is so boring." (something that makes you feel bored = "It's boring"/"I'm bored")

Incorrect: "I want improve."

Correct: "I want to improve." (want + to- infinitive)

Incorrect: "This is good informations."

Correct: "This is good information." (information = uncountable)

Keep practicing, keep learning, and keep moving forward. You can do it!

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