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Fix These 10 Common Grammar Mistakes

Here are 10 common mistakes that I've heard from beginner, intermediate, and sometimes even advanced English speakers. I hope you find this helpful, as you continue to improve your English, step by step, and day by day.

Incorrect: "I need call my mom."

Correct: "I need to call my mom." (need + to + base verb)

Incorrect: "She must to go."

Correct: "She must go." (must + base verb)

Incorrect: "It's depend."

Correct: "It depends." (third person present simple structure...verb + s)

Incorrect: "It depends of the situation."

Correct: "It depends on the situation." (collocation: depends on)

Incorrect: "Where I can find that?"

Correct: "Where can I find that?" (Wh + auxiliary + subject + base verb)

Incorrect: "I listen music."

Correct: "I listen to music." (collocation: listen to)

Incorrect: "Can you explain me?"

Correct: "Can you explain it to me?" (explain + subject of the explanation)

Incorrect: "This is so bored."

Correct: "This is so boring." (something that makes you feel bored = "It's boring"/"I'm bored")

Incorrect: "I want improve."

Correct: "I want to improve." (want + to- infinitive)

Incorrect: "This is good informations."

Correct: "This is good information." (information = uncountable)

Keep practicing, keep learning, and keep moving forward. You can do it!

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Vivek Pathak
Vivek Pathak
10 ago 2023

I'm really glad to see that the institute is focusing on addressing common grammar mistakes in Spoken English. Clear communication is essential, and mastering grammar can significantly enhance one's ability to convey thoughts effectively. Contact Spoken English Institutes to register your seat as soon as possible.

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Alisson Barbosa
Alisson Barbosa
25 may 2021

Thanks Alex. You are the best english teacher who I have seen so far. I hope to see you soon in your private classes. Before, I need to improve my english a bit in order to enjoy your lesson.

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Positive vibes
Positive vibes
13 abr 2021

I have been watching your videos since 2015, to be honest with you, your are the best teacher comparing to your colleagues in Engvid, I have just bought your book, I love it, I recommend it to everyone, it's useful guys feel free to buy it.

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Adel laswed
Adel laswed
10 abr 2021


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