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Video: My experience learning English as an immigrant child

Moving to a new country and learning English is not easy, especially if you’re a parent with young children. I want to share my immigration story with you and talk about the challenges and difficulties I had as a seven-year-old kid who couldn’t speak English. Which English sounds gave me problems? How was my social life? How long did it take me to learn the language? Watch to find out. This video will be useful for parents who are thinking about immigrating to an English-speaking country, and who might be worried about how their children will adapt. In the end, I want to reassure you that despite the challenges and struggles, children are resilient and will find a way to succeed. For more useful English videos, and to practice your writing skills in the comments, make sure to check out

Until next time, thanks for clicking, and good luck with your studies.

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Vivek Pathak
Vivek Pathak
30 mag 2023

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