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Video: 3 Common Idioms for Appearance

Why should you learn idioms? Because they’re everywhere! Often, they are one of the final parts of language that students must learn to feel truly confident when speaking. In this lesson, I teach you THREE very common idioms that people use to talk about someone’s appearance, and in one case, someone’s performance. The idioms in this video include: to look like a million bucks, to catch someone’s eye, and to cry one’s eyes out. It’s one thing to know the meaning of an idiom, and it’s another thing to use it with confidence. That’s why I provide context and example sentences that are easy to remember in this lesson. If you enjoy this video and you want to continue increasing your knowledge of idioms, make sure to get a copy of my book, 200 Practical English Idioms. It has only high-frequency idioms, many examples, and clear definitions. It’s language you can use!

Finally, don't forget to do the quiz on Good luck with your studies!

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