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Quick English Idioms: "I'm in" and "I'm out"

These are two common responses to proposed plans. Are you interested in and available to join a proposed activity? You're in. Are you not interested and not available? You're out. Check out these examples and start using these two practical phrases today.

Suri: "Hey, who's in for pizza after work today?"

Jason: "I'm in for sure!"

Lisa: "Wanna catch a movie tonight?"

Tanya: "I'm definitely in."

Brenda: "Sorry, I'm out. I have to wake up early tomorrow."

Trent: "Wanna come over and play Settlers of Catan?"

Chuck: "You know what? I'm in. It's been too long."

Kofi: "I'm going to the game tonight. Do you want to come?"

Tasha: "How much are tickets?"

Kofi: "$80 each."

Tasha: "Nah, that's too expensive. Sorry, I'm out."

Carmen: "I'm going out for sushi for lunch. Does anyone want to come?"

Lyda: "Sorry, I brought my lunch to work today. I'm out."

Sara: "I'm in. I forgot my lunch at home."

Combine these two idioms with these three, and develop your English language confidence!

...and play Settlers of Catan because it's great!

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