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5 Videos to Help You Learn Phrasal Verbs (from beginner to advanced)

There are so many phrasal verbs that sometimes it's difficult to know where and how to start learning them. To help with this problem, here are five phrasal verb videos organized by level of difficulty to help you make progress and to increase your confidence with your usage of phrasal verbs. Let's go!

#1 5 Important Phrasal Verbs for English Learners

includes: look forward to, get along with, put up with, give up, put off

#2 10 Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Life

includes: turn on, turn off, turn up, turn down, pick up, put away, put back, take out, put out, throw away/throw out

#3 Phrasal Verb Opposites

includes: check in/check out, get in/get out, get on/get off, go out/stay in, pick up/put down, pick up/drop off, put on/take off, slow down/speed up, stay up/turn in, turn up/turn down

#4 20 Intransitive Phrasal Verbs

includes: break down, catch on, die out, drop by, end up, get back, go ahead, grow up, hold on, move in, set off, show up, slow down, speak out, take off, turn out, pass out, watch out, turn around, catch up

#5 10 Phrasal Verbs for the Office

includes: fill out, run out (of), note down, back up, come up, keep up with, set up, go through, find out, call off

Finally, here is one BONUS video that is also useful. Check it out!

Bonus: 30 Phrasal Verb Commands

To see all of my phrasal verb videos, you can check out this YouTube playlist.

If you want to take your knowledge of phrasal verbs to the next level, pick up a PDF, eBook, or physical copy of my book, 100 Practical English Phrasal Verbs.

Good luck with your studies!


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