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Understand more! Gonna, Wanna, Etc.

Understand more spoken English by learning these common contracted phrases, and start using them today in your own conversations.

going to: gonna

"We're gonna go to the store."

"I'm gonna call him later."

want to: wanna

"Do you wanna come with us?"

"I wanna go on vacation."

have got to: gotta or have gotta

"I gotta go."

"We've gotta get a new car."

have to: hafta

"We hafta try harder."

"They hafta put their house up for sale."

let me: lemme

"Lemme see that."

"Lemme go!"

give me: gimme

"Can you gimme a hand?" (can you help me?)

"She didn't gimme a choice."

don't know: dunno

"They dunno anything."

"I dunno what time it is."

Just make sure to avoid them in formal writing, and you should be fine. Wanna learn more and practice more? Check out this lesson to practice your pronunciation with these and other common modal contractions. You're gonna love it!

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