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English Vocabulary for Daily Routines (100+ words and phrases)

This page is about daily routines vocabulary. It is meant to help you practice and master correct English forms, so you can speak confidently about what you do every day. It includes more than 100 common English words and phrases to talk about routines.

Being able to talk about your daily routine is essential. People often need to talk about what they do in their lives. What is great about the vocabulary on this page is that the words and phrases below can be transferred to many other contexts. In other words, all of the language on this page is high-frequency language.

Practice reading and saying these sentences out loud. Pay attention to set phrases like "get out of bed," "make my bed," "brush my teeth," etc.

To take your practice to the next level, write about your daily routine in the comments. Use transition words like "then," "after that," "next," "at the end of the day," etc.

Note: The tense which is used to discuss daily routines in English is the present simple. Don't forget to add an 's' to the end of a present simple verb if you are speaking about someone in the third person ("My son wakes up at 6:30," or "He goes to bed at 10:30," for example). Let's go!

I wake up at 6 o'clock.

I turn off my alarm.

I get up at/around 6:30 (six-thirty). / I get out of bed at/around 6:30. / I roll out of bed at/around 6:30 (colloquial).

I open/pull back the curtains (to let the sun in). / I open the blinds.

I open/close the window(s).

I make my/the bed.

I stretch. / I do some stretching/stretches.

I meditate. / I do some meditation.

I do some light exercise. / I do some breathing exercises.

I work out. / I go to the gym. / I do my morning workout.

I check my phone/email/messages/texts.

I go to the bathroom.

I wash my face. / I splash some water on my face. / I wash up. (Meaning, "I was my face and hands" in North America.)

I moisturize.

I wash my hands.

I take/have a shower.

I dry myself off. (Meaning I dry my body with a towel.)

I dry my hair.

I put on my makeup.

I brush my teeth.

I floss (my teeth).

I brush my hair. / I comb my hair.

I get dressed. / I put on my clothes.

I get (myself) ready for the day.

I go downstairs. / I go upstairs. / I go to the kitchen.

I put the kettle on (for tea/coffee). / I turn the kettle on.

I make (myself) some tea/coffee. / I pour myself a cup of tea/coffee.

I turn on the radio. / I listen to the radio.

I listen to a podcast. / I listen to some music. / I listen to an audiobook.

I turn on the TV.

I prepare breakfast (for my family).

I have/eat (my) breakfast.

I call my mom/dad/[other significant person].

I prepare my lunch (for the day / for work). / I prepare my kids' lunches. / I pack my lunch.

I pack my stuff/bag/workbag/backpack/briefcase/etc.

I put on my shoes. (Or, "I put my shoes on.")

I put on my jacket.

I put my stuff on (to leave the house).

I go to work/school. (You can "work from home" or "work in an office/a restaurant/a bank/etc.") / I head off to work/school. / I head out to work/school.

I leave the house at/around 7:30 (seven-thirty).

I drop off my kids/son/daughter at school. / I drop off my kids/son/daughter at the bus stop.

I walk/drive to work. / I take/drive my car to work.

I go to work on foot. / I go to work by car/bus/train/subway/etc.

I walk to the bus stop.

I catch the bus/train at/around 7:50 (seven-fifty).

I get to work at/around 8:30 (eight-thirty). / I arrive at work at/around 8:30.

I start work at/around 8:45 (eight-forty-five).

I work from 8:45 until noon.

I take/have my lunch break. / I go for lunch. / I go on my lunch break. / I have lunch.

I go out for lunch at/around noon.

I go back to work.

I work from noon until 4pm (four P.M.).

I finish work at/around 4 (o'clock). / I stop working at/around 4 (o'clock).

I leave the office/store/building/factory/restaurant/etc. at/around 4.

I get home at/around 5 (o'clock). / I come back home at/around 5 (o'clock).

I pick up my kids/son/daughter from school. / I pick up my kids/son/daughter from the bus stop.

I make/cook dinner. / I prepare (or "prep") dinner.

I have/eat dinner (with my family).

I do/wash the dishes.

I do the laundry. / I fold the laundry. / I put the laundry away.

I clean up the kitchen.

I do some housecleaning.

I take out the garbage/recycling/compost.

I go for a walk. / I take a walk.

I go for a run. / I go for a jog. / I go jogging.

I play with my kids/son/daughter/pet(s)/etc.

I spend time with my family/pets/dog/wife/husband/partner/kids/son/etc.

I do my homework.

I call my friends/family/etc.

I play (around) on my phone.

I watch TV.

I relax on the couch.

I read a book. / I read a book (on my e-reader/Kindle/Kobo/etc.)

I go to the gym. / I go to the store/bank/etc.

I go to a restaurant.

I practice English. / I study English. /

I work on my computer/laptop. / I do some work on my computer/laptop.

I write in my journal.

I do some exercise. / I exercise.

I go to my friend's house.

I walk my dog. / I go for a walk with my dog. / I take my dog out (for a walk).

I feed my pet(s)/dog/cat/fish/etc.

I relax. / I take it easy.

I take a shower/bath.

I brush my teeth.

I put on my pajamas.

I get ready for bed.

I close the curtains. / I close the blinds.

I open a window. / I open/close my/the window(s).

I go/get to bed at/around 10pm (ten P.M.). / I (try to) go/get to sleep at/around 10pm.

I read in bed until I fall asleep.

I set my alarm (if necessary).

I turn on some music.

I fall asleep at/around 10:30 (ten-thirty).

If this was useful for you, consider purchasing a copy of my book, 100 Practical English Phrasal Verbs. Many of the phrasal verbs on this page (wake up, get up, turn on, turn off, etc.) are included in the book. Good luck with your English language practice!


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