200 Practical English Idioms (PDF & ePub)

200 Practical English Idioms (PDF & ePub)

200 Practical English Idioms is the second book in the Practical English series.


This practical English reference guide includes:


  • 200 high-frequency idioms
  • Over 1,000 examples
  • Multiple definitions for increased clarity
  • Common sentences and clear explanations
  • Standalone and polysemic idioms
  • Common variations
  • Context-based categorization (money, time, etc.)
  • An easy-to-use index for quick reference definitions
  • Real language, real progress!


Written by Alex Makar, most known for his free English video lessons on engvid.com and his first book, 100 Practical English Phrasal Verbs, this handy reference guide was crafted with English students and teachers in mind. It is ideal for self-study or classroom study.


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