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Common English: 3 Ways to Use "Take care of"

"Take care of" is a common English phrasal verb that can be used in a number of ways. Read on to see if you know all three.

1. to be responsible for something; to deal with or handle something

"Don't worry, mom and dad. I'll take care of the dishes."

transitive, inseparable

“Who’s going to take care of the food for Adriana’s surprise party?”

“Did you take care of your passport renewal like you said you would?”

Bridget’s taking care of the wedding invitations.”

“I’ll take care of washing the dishes if you’ll take care of the laundry.”

2. to be responsible for someone’s or something’s well-being; to keep someone or something safe/in good condition (also: look after)

"I'll always be here to take care of you."

transitive, inseparable

“My grandmother had to take care of nine kids!”

“You can borrow the book, but please make sure to take care of it.”

3. to pay for something

"I'll take care of it." (also: "I'll get it.")

transitive, inseparable

“Alan was generous and took care of the bill.”

“Who’s going to take care of the extra fees?”

common sentence with "Take care of": “I’ll take care of it.” (I’ll handle it / I’ll deal with the situation.)

Practice the sentences above to expand your vocabulary. If you thought this article was useful, you might also enjoy 100 Practical English Phrasal Verbs. It has over 900 examples with only high-frequency phrasal verbs.

Until next time, I wish you success in your studies.

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Roxana Peralta
Roxana Peralta
07 de jul. de 2021

Thanks for helping us

16 de jul. de 2021
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Always a pleasure, Roxana! :)

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