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5 Ways to Order Food in English

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The next time you're ordering something in English, try using one of these phrases. And remember that it never hurts to say PLEASE!

1. "May I have...?" (polite formal)

"May I have a chicken Caesar salad, please?"

"May I please have combo number three?"

2. "I'd like..." / "I would like..." (neutral)

"I'd like a 7-Up, please."

"I'd like a side order of fries."

3. "I'll have..." / "I'll take..." / "I'll get..." / "I'll try..." (neutral)

"I'll have a falafel pita, please."

"I'll take the steak special."

"I'll get a hot dog and fries."

"I'll try the mac and cheese."

4. "Can I have...?" / "Can I get...?" / "Could I have...?" / "Could I get...?" (neutral)

"Can I have some red wine, please?"

"Could I get another iced tea, please?"

"Can I get a bowl of fruit?"

"Could I get two junior cheeseburgers?"

5. "Gimme..." / "Give me..." (informal, familiar)

"Gimme two scoops of chocolate, please." (ice cream)

"Give me 20 spicy chicken wings."

Be careful when using "Gimme!" It's even stronger than saying "I want" and should be reserved for people you know or feel comfortable with. As always, tone is important.

Enjoy your meal!

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