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5 Common Word Pairs for Daily Life

Word pairs are also known as binomial pairs. Here are five common binomial pairs that are joined by "and," and which you can use in everyday English conversations!

here and there -> in various locations

"He has traveled here and there."

"Have you seen Suzan?" "She's around here somewhere. I've seen her here and there."

sick and tired -> exasperated; to be really annoyed and have no more energy for something or someone

"I'm sick and tired of all the rain we've been getting lately."

"It sounds like she's sick and tired of you."

loud and clear -> to hear someone loudly and clearly; to have zero room for misunderstanding what someone says

"I hear you loud and clear. You don't have to shout."

"His instructions were loud and clear. How did you not hear them?"

short and sweet -> short with no excess information; short and to-the-point

"I don't have a lot of time to talk, so I'm going to keep this message short and sweet."

"We all have places to be, so let's keep this meeting short and sweet."

back and forth -> moving from one direction to another, and back again

"When you were a baby, I had to rock you back and forth for at least thirty minutes before you fell asleep."

"I'm tired of driving back and forth to and from work every day."

Do you know any others? For more examples, check out one of these two videos:

Until next time, good luck with your studies, and thanks for clicking!

3 Kommentare

11. Nov. 2020

Thanks a lot for your clarification.

Gefällt mir

06. Nov. 2020

"We all have places to be" means exactly what you said. "We are all busy and need to be in other places (now or in the near future) rather than being here for too long."

Gefällt mir

06. Nov. 2020

What does Your example sentence mean: we all have places to be? Does it mean that we all are busy and have to be available in other places rather than being only at this meeting? This question is related to words pairs lesson

Gefällt mir
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